Shin Se-kyung

Shin Se-kyung

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Random thoughts RT btschartdata: RM ‘ is now available to listen on Spotify! Tbh aoki said “the person who is gonna STAR in the mv” when he sent us to scavenger hunts. Posted by diopatra on December 7, The end of the year is near, and the Korean music industry is abuzz with news of upcoming awards shows that seek to recognize the most outstanding artists in a multitude of categories. Fans can vote as many times as they like over the course of the awards voting period, but again, only one vote per category per day will be counted.

This year, the event will take place on January 24th — 27th. Record labels and artists from over 80 countries have been scheduled to attend and appear for the event. This year, hip-hop group Epik High and newcomer pop idol group f x have been invited to represent Korea and will be performing on Jan 26th in the Salon Acajou of the Martinez Hotel. Last year, the group formed their own independent label Map the Soul , embarked on a U.

Although the two groups are polar opposites of each other, they both will represent the diversity and evolution of mainstream Korean music to European fans and new audiences alike.

Kim Jong-hyun (cantor)

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Mar 25,  · First, it was Jonghyun from the Korean boy group, SHINee who was found dating the Korean actress, Shin Se Kyung. After the couple broke up, there has been no news of any new relationships among the members until now. But this time around, it was the vocalist of the group Onew who was caught in.

I considered writing about the training processes, the lack of rest that some idol stars get, why some idol stars are so popular as opposed to others So, of course, since this is kpop imo, I’ll give my thoughts on the whole thing. Eight months ago, when the news was released that they were dating, there was a whole lot of mixed emotions. Some of the more rational fans thought it was good that they had both found someone they liked and were bold and strong enough to go public.

However, everyone with the exception of those who thought it was a cover up had gotten used to the thought, and many had even accepted and approved of it. Honestly, I couldn’t care any less about whether or not they’re together. Then again, that might just be my personality. I’m one of those people who wishes that celebrities from everywhere were able to have more of a private life.

Se-Kyung Shin

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Jan 21,  · Both SM Entertainment, Jonghyun’s company, and Namoo Actors, Shin Se Kyung’s company, confirmed their relationship. Also some photos were taken of Jonghyun and Se Kyung together, and they really look like a happy : Resolved.

Also some photos were taken of Jonghyun and Se Kyung together, and they really look like a happy couple. Although you could argue that that might just be completely posed and their whole relationship is just an act, but I don’t think it’s fake. I’ve heard of the idea that their relationship is just to cover up for something else, but I think unless that is confirmed as more than just whispered rumor, we should just accept that Jonghyun and Se Kyung’s relationship is real.

Although I do wonder why SM would confirm a relationship, you have to admit, it probably did bring them more attention and sales. Anyway, Jonghyun is a great guy who is definitely a gentleman, and I can’t see him going along with faking a relationship if he wasn’t sincere about it. Even if SM made him, he would seem more upset about it. As it is, he looks very happy in those pictures, and I saw a video of SHINee’s first performance after their relationship was confirmed, and he actually looked healthier and happier to me.

Granted, he did cry and seem upset about something to do with the relationship, but that was because everyone was getting mad at Se Kyung and hating her. There isn’t really any way we can know if their relationship is real or not, but in the opinion of a devoted, informed, and loving Shawol me!

Shin Se Kyung

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Jonghyun’s first serious relationship was in with the actress Shin Se Kyung, who he was with for nine perfectly orchestrated months before their split the following year over their busy.

Gong Myung dan Lim Ju Hwan terbayar sudah. Dalam siaran V Live tersebut Se Kyung memperlihatkan hubungan kedekatannya dengan wanita kelahiran 24 Oktober tersebut yang merupakan second lead wanita dalam proyek tersebut. Seperti yang diketahui, wanita pemilik nama lengkap Krystal Jung itu punya imej yang cukup unik. Bagaimana tidak, setiap kali ada orang pertama kali bertemu dengannya sering kali menganggap bersikap cukup dingin. Rupanya hal ini juga yang awalnya di kira oleh Se Kyung.

Tapi kemudian yang langsung berubah ketika dirinya mulai mengenal Krystal lebih dekat lagi. Selain memperlihatkan pengakuan Se Kyung tentang sosok Krystal , dalam siaran tersebut juga menunjukkan tawa lepas dari adik kandung Jessica Jung tersebut. Dirinya tertawa lepas lantaran ia telah memperlihatkan sisi lain dirinya yang tak banyak diketahui oleh publik termasuk para penggemarnya.

Sementara itu, Bride Of The Water God itu sendiri merupakan sebuah drama yang bergenre fantasi romance.

Jonghyun’s ex-girlfriend Shin Se Kyung, fellow SHINee member Key visit him in deep sorrow

He met with his former team and they were of course surprised at this turn of events. Even Mi Rae was surprised. The relationship between them became strained and uncomfortable to the extent that it affects MR emotionally. She just could not control her tears which were not missed by writer Bae. See Joo went to see Seo Yoo Kyung in her humble home. I think she was at first embarrassed to be found out living that way but her bubbly personality did not take offense.

Among the visitors was actress Shin Se Kyung. Back in , Shin Se Kyung and Jonghyun confirmed to be dating. Several months later, the couple announced they broke up.

This suicide note, reproduced in part above, was passed from Korean popular music K-pop superstar Kim Jonghyun to the singer Nine9 a member of the indie group Dear Cloud before the twenty-seven year old star took his own life. Immediately after the news spread of Jonghyun’s suicide, legions of fans pointed to his duet with Taeyeon, “Lonely,” the lyrics of his other songs, comments made in interviews, and his final Instagram livefeed as revealing in hindsight his long struggle with depression.

Jonghyun’s “Lonely” featuring Taeyeon Kim Jonghyun debuted in as a member of SHINee , roughly three years after he was scouted as a fifteen-year-old. Jonghyun was one of the first artists from SME to become involved with songwriting and producing, penning hits for SHINee, other K-pop artists in the industry, as well as for his own solo releases. Despite his prodigious success, on December 18th, , he used a frying pan to burn coal in a well-sealed room, sent a good-bye text message to his sister, and died of complications from carbon monoxide poisoning.

He was dear to my friend, her favorite. When they [sic] share their private-life experience with you, they make you feel connected to the person, as if you know [the idols] personally. Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam similarly saw coverage of Jonghyun’s death in breaking news. In Korean newspapers, magazines, and online news aggregators such as Naver, the coverage was non-stop. For many people outside the K-pop world, the shared cultural sphere creating new communities around vibrant pop culture texts Otmazgin , Chua , the death of a pop star may seem a sad, but abstract event.

Anyone can recall any number of international pop stars, such as Prince and David Bowie, who have passed away in recent years.

Jonghyun’s girlfriend Shin Se Kyung swollen Eyes , fellow SHINee member Key visit him in deep sorrow

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